Monday, October 3, 2011

Austin's Pirate Party

I cannot believe that Austin is 5 years old! Time really has flown by!
He decided to have a Pirate Party this year...
I'm not sure whether I had more fun or he did, hopefully he did!!
I couldn't believe all of the fabulous ideas out there!
I spent WAY to much time planning and executing this fun party,
but I think that it was all worth it!

This is the vinyl that I put on our front storm door...
The boys loved it and didn't want me to take it off, but I thought that peoplethat didn't know we had a pirate party might be little weirded out!
This is the Jolly Roger Flag that I hung from our banister.
Decorations from the Stampin' Up! Pirate Party Kit that I added vinyl to.
I found these cute cupcake wrappers and sails here
and this AWESOME frosting recipe here
and I put the sails on sucker sticks.
We turned a box of Cap'n Crunch into Cap'n Austin Crunch and served it as a snack.

For some reason, I have never been able to throw away wipes containers thinking that I might need them someday, well, today was the day! I spray painted 12 wipes containers black and added gold vinyl pirates names to each of them. These were the boys' treasure boxes. I filled them with eye patches, bandanas, telescopes, a treasure map, and their loot bag. To start the party off, they decorated their treasure boxes and telescopes and colored their treasure maps that I found here.

Last year at Austin's birthday party, I let the boys play in the bedrooms and get all of the toys out. I decided that I was not going to go through 3 hours of clean up again this year, so I put these signs on each of the bedroom doors.
I also kept them busy with lots of activities and games!

Here is the Birthday Captain, ready for his friends to arrive. The party started at 10am. He woke up at about 7:00 and was REALLY anxious all morning for everyone to get there!
We played LOTS of games! After they decorated their boxes, we played pin the treasure chest on the treasure map (I got it at the Dollar Store). Then we played Cannon Ball POP. I filled about 45 black balloons with candy and blew them up. I gave each of the kids a toothpick and told them to get the candy out. That game was a hit! After that, we Walked the Plank and had sword fights with bread sticks on the plank! They really liked this as well, I only wish that I had bought more than one box of bread sticks!

After the sword fights, we played Pass the Cannonball (or Hot Potato).

After the fun and games, we had ice cream cake from DQ and cupcakes!
After cake, we had the log awaited TREASURE HUNT! Everyone was really excited about this!
Jared made an awesome treasure box that I filled with mini treasure chests for each of the boys that had Pop Rocks and chocolate gold coins in them. Jared also made a treasure map with clues for each place to go...the bathroom had kaleidoscopes, Austin's room had pirate whistles, Alex's room had candy necklaces, Ring Pops, and pirate suckers, and the treasure box was downstairs. They had a great time trying to figure out where to go next!
Here is Jared's handy work!

Here are all of the boys with their pirate gear on! They were all such troopers! It was a lot of work, but everyone sure had a good time! Austin is already planning his party for next year!


  1. Add amazing party planner to your list of talents! I am so impressed but definitely not surprised with how awesome that party was! Where did you get your chocolate coins, btw? It's Keegan's preferred potty treat and I don't know where to look.

  2. Nice to have you back! I can't believe Austin is 5. What an amazing party. You were always good at that stuff. Hope you guys are doing good!